Ever since the completion of the first season of the Euro Hockey League, a ranking system has been in use to continue to monitor the strengths of the countries in Europe in terms of men’s club competition. This allows countries, if they are good enough, to break into the top Euro Hockey League or progress from 1 to 2 clubs or from 2 to 3 clubs.

The points to be awarded in the ranking table are:

In the Euro Hockey League (the top 24)

Win: 5 points
Draw: 2 points
Loss with goal difference of no more than 2: 1 point
Loss with more than 2 goals between the teams: 0 points

Note that in the knockout phase of the Euro Hockey League, points are awarded on the basis of the match result at the end of regulation time. Thus, if a match goes into extra time or penalty shootout, teams will always be awarded 2 points each because the result at the end of regulation time was a draw.

In the EuroHockey Trophy
Win: 3 points
Draw: 1 point
Loss with no more than 2 goals difference: 0.5 points
Loss with greater than 2 goals difference: 0 points

2. Bonus Points
In addition to the basic points won, each club playing in Euro Hockey League (the top 24) will receive 6 bonus points. This reflects the higher standard of competition in the Euro Hockey League (compared to the EuroHockey Trophy) and the fact that clubs in the Trophy will each play 4 matches from which to earn points, whilst some in the Euro Hockey League, if they are eliminated in Round 1, will only play 2 matches.